Beyond Bridges Social uses Digital Content & Advertising to Monetize your Social Media and Sell Commercial Real Estate from your Mobile.





Filling buildings is harder than ever. Usually the ideal tenant is hard to find, perhaps even out of state. We change your day to day business from cold calling and blanket paper marketing, to online engagement and leads. We make it so that you can reach “Beyond the Rolodex”!



Whether you are building from scratch, or gutting an existing property, you need investors to see the future. We can “Visioneer” any project to help you seal the deal. Additionally we can help you brand your development, and sell it before it’s even finished.



Leasing percentages getting low? Let us help. We partner with your leasing agents, launch a full advertising campaign, create content, brand your building and fill it! We can even help you bump from B suite to AA.
We do the hard work for you!


Digital Rendering & Creating Your Vision


We digitally create Images, Videos, and 360° Views for any type of property, interior or exterior.
Now you can have a digital video of what raw land will look like once it's developed.
Or, see a skyscraper being built floor by floor. Or, do a digital walk through of any finished-out space/floorplan.
You and your clients can view all content from your office or your phone!

Custom Content in Sync with Your Brand


Location, Location, Location = Content, Content, Content!
Using the newest technology we take your brand and ready you for advertising in the digital and social media world. Clean drone footage of open land, progressing developments, interior views of any space, and we can take any photo and clean it up to show the true value of a property. As well as digitally render multiple potential views of land or buildings after improvement. Let your clients and potential buyers know that you're ready to promote the property through all platforms.


It's Time! We Use Social Media to Bring the Client to You


Our primary goal is to Bridge the gap between traditional marketing plans and digital marketing plans to promote CRE in the new age. Though most CRE companies have some social media presence, almost none are using social media to show properties. Using beautiful content and well timed consistent posts, we are able to gather organic followers, and thus potential clients from all over the world. We even utilize LinkedIn so brokers not on Social Media can still work with their current professional contacts and expand their network. 


Bridging the Gap and Beyond


Change is never easy. The reason we started BBS is to help CRE individuals, firms, and affilites into the millennial age. Digital marketing and advertising is the way business will almost exclusively be done in a just a couple of years. We're here to help you launch your Social Media Presence and provide resources that will optimize your success. As well as simplify your day to day workload. Work smarter not harder!


Advertising in New Platforms


Most commercial real estate companies use physical signage, but almost none are using social media to market properties. It's time to reach beyond the scope of a mailer, or on-site sign. We create custom online advertisements for your brand as well as individual properties, and investment opportunities. This allows us to gather leads on your behalf and promotionally advertise you 'past the rolodex'.


We Offer Multiple Marketing Packages


Maybe you need a little help, maybe you need a lot. We offer a wide range of services that fit your businesses needs. We go through step by step with you, or your clients to make sure your goals are met with highest efficiency and efficacy.